Founded by Ivy Kumai, Ivy K Realty is mindful of the trust and important role our clients have given us.
We strive every day to exceed established standards of expertise and professional competence.

Ivy K Realty has ready buyers for your property.
Real estate is a full-time business and we work full-time to secure the best price from the many prospective customers in our file.

Ivy K Realty knows market value.
When your property is priced right for the market, you can expect fast action - and full value. We know market value because we stay abreast of all real estate sales transactions as well as economic and social factors which affect property value.

Ivy K Realty synchronizes your "buy and sell" transaction.
Timing means money and convenience to you. We'll do our best to synchronize your buy, sell, or outright trade transaction by simultaneous closings.

Ivy K Realty has an expert finance counseling.
Knowing where the money is for mortgages, secondary financing, FHA, or VA loans, or home improvement loans is an added plus. We'll assist you in obtaining the best financing possible and help you make the application for that financing. We work closely with a number of mortgage brokers and banks.

Ivy K Realty knows the best method of selling or buying property.
The techniques of real estate sales, exchange, guaranteed sales, and trade are our everyday tools - we'll recommend which method is the best for you, with the advice of your legal council.

Ivy K Realty knows real estate tax laws.
With this knowledge, we'll recommend the most advantageous tax position for you by structuring your transaction and making you aware of tools such as discounted cash flow, leverage, and depreciation. Your tax accountant should also be contacted.